Day 4: Redefining words – Part 1

On Facebook you’ll find a group called “The Living Word” (The School of Ultimate Living now stands center in the process of Living Words) where individuals are redefining words as living expressions of themselves. The group was started within the realization that we all speak the same language yet we have different meaning for our words. So although we are speaking one language our semantics are different in how we interpret the sentence constructions within and as ourselves.

Having different meanings for words is how relationships fail as the one partner has a certain point of view and is trying to manifest their point of view into this world and the other partner has their own point of view that they are trying to manifest into this world. Miscommunication, angry fights and make up sex constitute a large part of our semantics not being aligned as living expressions of oneness and equality.

So this gave us a look at why we redefine words – Let’s have a look at how we redefine words.

The words within our vocabulary are stored within ourselves, accompanied by an emotional (negative) or feeling (positive) energetic charge. The positive or negative charge contains how we ‘feel’ about experiencing (receiving) this word or how we feel about expressing (giving) this word.

When words are charged positively within ourselves we like being the receiver of those words. For instance when a word such as ‘kindness’ is charged positively within ourselves by having the corresponding semantic of ‘being kind is a sign of a well bread child’ – We enjoy it when people are sincerely ‘kind’ to us. This would place self in a position of receiving the expression ‘kindness’ and as self has placed a positive charge on this word – It is welcomed within self.

Simultaneously when self is kind – being the giver of the expression ‘kindness’ – Self will feel positive about self as the expression of kindness is stored within self as a positively charged word, thus giving the expression of kindness self becomes positive charged which when looking self honestly within oneself you will identify backchat where self is elevating self. For instance: I am such a good person / look at me at how good I am / My parents will be so proud of me / etc.

Being the receiver and giver of an expression that is positively charged within self is easy to work with as it falls within the parameters of what society expects from its members. When we start to look at the words that have been negatively charged within self, we start to look at another dimension of how we have stored / suppressed / repressed and ignored words within and as ourselves.

Being the receiver of a word that has been negatively charged within ourselves is not a pleasant experience for any individual. For instance being on the receiving end of the expression of ‘ridicule’ we find ourselves cringing in the face of the giver of the expression of ‘ridicule’. We wish we could run away and hide, yet we are placed within a situation where we either have to eat up the ridicule or fight back. As this word is negatively charged within ourselves we experience a negatively charged polarity as ourselves when we receive the expression of ‘ridicule’.

In many instances we would despise being the receiver of a negatively charged word – yet we have separated ourselves into so many compartments within ourselves that we don’t even realize that we are the giver of negatively charged words. We would thus turn around and in another environment with different people (or the same people) we would become the expression of ‘ridicule’, thus being the giver of the expression of ‘ridicule’.

How quickly did we forget what a negatively charged word does as an experience within us that we would / could turn around and give it to another person in a blink of an eye.


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