Day 5: Redefining Words (Part 2) – Playing polarity games

For Part 1 of Redefining Words, see the previous post here
Within the definitions as polarity charges that we have given words we enter into playing games of winning and losing energy within our interactions with other people. When we are on the receiving end of negatively charged words we experience a ‘low’ within ourselves. This ‘low’ experience is where we perceive that we have lost the game. Being the giver of a negatively charged word we experience a ‘high’ within ourselves – having the experience that we have ‘won’ the game.

In terms of words that are positively charged the lines of winning and losing are not as apparent as with the ‘negatively’ charged words, yet the game is still present.

Instead of the game being on a linear line with an apparent ‘winner’ and an apparent ‘loser’ the positively charged game operates on a double linear line. Both participants in the game appear to be winning – yet both are ‘losing’ within the undercurrent of what is being expressed.

Using the example of ‘kindness’ we can illustrate the game being played with a positively charged word being given and received.

When we are the receiver of a positively charged word our experience is that of being ‘accepted’ by the other person giving the positively charged word. Through this ‘acceptance’ we feel better about ourselves(positive charge) in who we are. So although our experience is positive what is not being addressed is the reason why we are in the position of receiving this positively charged word. The receiver of the word kindness accepts their ‘position’ their ‘fate’ of being in the position where they find themselves in and as. They accept the condition that lead them to be in the position of receiving kindness.

From the giver of kindness perspective you will find that kindness is a word that is used in instances where one feels sorry for another person or where one has been programmed to believe that it is the ‘right thing to do’ within certain social standings.

When it is fuelled by ‘feeling sorry’ for another person what self is actually accepting within and as oneself is that it is ok to feel sorry for another person which in itself is a negative charge because feeling sorry for another person is not a self-honest support expression as self is in fact keeping the person locked into their design where others can keep on feeling sorry for them.

When it is fuelled by ‘it is the right thing to do’ self is just mindlessly acting out a pre-programmed design of what is acceptable within ones social environment. The expression is not an expression of self – It is an expression of what is ‘right’ according to the pre-programmed design that self was born into. Within this expression self is no longer the living expression of the word – Self has become enslaved to the expression that one’s social environment calls for in a given moment. The experience of being enslaved to the pre-programmed design within and as oneself is in itself a negatively charged experienced.

From the perspective of the ‘giver of kindness’ – Accepting either the ‘feeling sorry for another person’ or ‘doing the right thing’ one is in fact accepting the design within and as oneself thus perpetuating the design and polarity game being played.

So –Although the giver of kindness has the experience of ‘being a good person’ (winning) they are in fact accepting the negative condition that lead to the moment of ‘giving kindness’ thus accepting the condition within and as themselves.

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