Day 6: Redefining words (Part 3) – Experience of the polarity game

Continuing from:
Day 4: Redefining words – Part 1
Day 5: Redefining Words (Part 2) – Playing polarity games

When our words are polarised within and as ourselves we are locked into the polarity game because as we use and express the words – we are expressing the polarity design as how we have defined the words within and as ourselves. Within the polarity game the game is played as a winning and losing game. As was mentioned in the ‘polarity game’ within the negatively charged words are easy yet within the positively charged words the game is not as apparent, yet the game is still played.

There is always a winner and always a looser – Even if self is experiencing both winning and losing as is indicated in the positive polarity game.

Now – No-one likes to be at the losing end of the stick in any game being played as losing is associated with a negative experience, yet we all like to ‘win’ as this is associated with a positive experience within and as ourselves.

But we have not yet considered that for there to be a winner there MUST always be a loser within the game; because if there is no ‘loser’ there can also be no ‘winner’. With our competition conditioning: accepting that this behaviour is the norm we have manifested within ourselves and within the world a social acceptance of competition where we do not consider all that is here, we are only considering and competing to be on the ‘winning’ side, be part of the experience of the ‘winner’ as this experience seems to be ‘giving’ us an experience of more than who we are. Experiencing a form of elevation, being better than another person. This expression of competition within and as ourselves is a base expression of separation from all that is here, thus the competition that drives us is also the point that separates us from what is here.

The question then becomes how do I stop participating in the polarity game?

If there is a tennis match being played and one of the opponents decides not to hit the ball back (participate in the polarity game) – then there is no game any longer. There is no game being played. Realising this within and as oneself, one only has to ask the question of ‘Where am I participating within the polarity game?’ as finding the answer to this question allows self to take the first step of stopping the game by stopping ones participation within the game.

This is done through changing who we are within and as ourselves by removing the polarity design that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to define ourselves as. Thus by removing the polarity definition within the words that we have defined ourselves as and applying a definition free of polarity within the expression of our world, we are preparing ourselves to stop our participation within the polarity games that we play with one another, thus allowing ourselves to stop the ‘winning’, ‘losing’ application and living life one and equal with what is here.


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