Day 3: Picture Presentation Game

Scurrying around in the mornings to do our hair, to look pretty, to look good. What should I wear? What clothes look good on me? Is it time to have my hair done? What style should I cut it next? Should I colour my hair? Do I have grey hairs? It is almost time for... Continue Reading →


Day 2: Perfection Game

When entering a position of seeking perfection we become blinded by what is right in front of us - All we seek, is this 'perceived' point of 'perfection'. 'Perceived' because we have a frame of reference in the form of an 'idea' of what it is that we would like to achieve / obtain. It... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Reaction Games

When disagreeing with someone’s views, yet we are incapable of voicing exactly what it is that we want to say, we tend to go into a point of ‘wanting to say’ something. This ‘wanting to say something’ places us in a position of inferiority as we are no longer saying what it is that we... Continue Reading →

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