Day 6: Redefining words (Part 3) – Experience of the polarity game

Continuing from: Day 4: Redefining words – Part 1 Day 5: Redefining Words (Part 2) – Playing polarity games When our words are polarised within and as ourselves we are locked into the polarity game because as we use and express the words – we are expressing the polarity design as how we have defined the words... Continue Reading →


Day 5: Redefining Words (Part 2) – Playing polarity games

For Part 1 of Redefining Words, see the previous post here Within the definitions as polarity charges that we have given words we enter into playing games of winning and losing energy within our interactions with other people. When we are on the receiving end of negatively charged words we experience a ‘low’ within ourselves.... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Perfection Game

When entering a position of seeking perfection we become blinded by what is right in front of us - All we seek, is this 'perceived' point of 'perfection'. 'Perceived' because we have a frame of reference in the form of an 'idea' of what it is that we would like to achieve / obtain. It... Continue Reading →

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